Today, Bahtera Cipta Raga Prima is renowned throughout the Indonesian consumer products industry for distributing and turning a series of world-known brands into brand leaders in Indonesia, such as Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Schick, Freeman, Abloy, Tournaire, Tesa, Lockwood, Whitco, and Kilargo.

Bahtera Cipta Raga Prima's journey began in 1999 with a mission to not just distribute the best brands, but to become a vessel that carries these brands above the sea of competitions, across an archipelago of opportunities, an ever-growing population, and diverse market behaviours. 

On top of ensuring product distribution to major stores in the country, we harness years of retail marketing experience to create strong brand positioning in the minds of the right consumers and produce sustainable sales through a mix of creative promotions, consumer education, and maximized online & offline visibility.

At the end of the day, going beyond distribution to help turn products into market leaders isn’t how we do our business. It’s how we do our passion.


Our vision is to improve our consumers’ quality of life by becoming the nation’s most trusted and respected distributor of the world’s best brands.


Our Values


From the moment we decide to bring an international brand into the country, register it, repackage it, and market it nationally, we are committed to putting our efforts into fully transforming each brand into a best-selling success.


For a full-scale distributor like us, communication goes three ways: effective family-like communication is done internally to ensure we have solid management teams, close and professional communication with brand owners for progressive partnership.


Turning global brands into national market leaders requires more than merely getting them well distributed. It matters that we care about how the brands’ identities are represented throughout every communication channel.


Our brand management teams consist of creative, young and passionate minds who can elevate a brand’s positioning through out-of-the-box tactics and strategies.